Treestand Tactics That You Should Know

Tree-stand tactic is one of the best strategies in hunting. This strategy not only lures prey but also allows you to study your prey in a short distance. In recent times, many hunters and zoologist would often use this tactic for various purposes, though it may vary by reason. Mastering the strategy would then be to your advantage. Here are some of the best tips for creating effective tree-stand strategies:

Move with stealth

tree-stand strategy

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When moving up and down the tree-stand it is important that you move with ease and silence. This is to make sure that you don’t attract the attention of the animals that you plan on catching. Movements should be done in such a way that you avoid disruption. Animal ears are very sharp so any sounds can easily be detected.

Often times, this strategy is not executed well when you are waiting for a deer to prey on because these animals love to take a stroll. They are often called a browsing animal because of its ability to move from one place to another in a short span of time. They do not stay one a certain spot for a very long time. It is best that you have enough patience and deer food for them to prey on. This will make it easier for you to catch them.

Use Camera Gears

Many bow hunters have been using this technique for a very long time. The camera gears in the tree-stands allow them to monitor the behavior of the animals. This technique allows them to see when is the best time to hunt and how to hunt the target. This is very important because animals can be unpredictable at times. Studying how they behave allows you to see what course of action you should take when hunting.

Take Your Chance When You See the Target

Taking chances in hunting also plays an essential role. If you see one chance of getting a perfect shot, then take it. This is very important because sometimes animals tend to move around. There are some preys that often enjoy roaming around to avoid being in danger. Do not hesitate to take your aim when you know you can get a clear shot. Hesitation does not only disrupt arrow flight but also your mental focus.

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Disguise and Hide Yourself Well

When walking to your stands, make sure you that are covered with various plants available in the area. Camouflage yourself well so as to avoid the keen senses of your target. The plants not only act as your physical disguise but they also hide your scent. Since animals have very sensitive sense of smell, it is best that you hide your own scent by using various products that would attract your target. For instance, black bears like mints very much. You can use shampoos and soaps that are mint scented to lure them. You also have to avoid smoking, wearing light-colored clothes, and using noisy boots.

Be Patient and Wait

Tree-stand tactic requires you to stay still up in a tree. Luring a target may take up quite some time. Sometimes, you won’t even catch anything in a day. Hence, you must learn how to wait patiently. Without patience, you’ll easily fail in hunting. While waiting, do not let your guard down. Be aware of your surroundings and always be prepared for the arrival of a prospect target.

Follow the Law

Hunting is now very controversial with many people against it. In fact, there are laws that protect animals from being hunted. For instance, you cannot hunt does, especially when they are with calves and you cannot hunt bucks when there are so many does and calves around. Be sure you search about the law of the place before you proceed on hunting. 

Hunting is indeed not easy. If you want to succeed, there are things that you need to know. It’s best that you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge so that things will be easier for you on the hunting ground.