Top Tips in Hunting Ducks

Each hunter has their own favorite target. If you are going to ask a hunter with his top 5 favorite targets, the answer could be a random big buck, a black bear, a duck, a turkey, and a couple of fishes. These animals are legal to hunt in most places. Hunting these animals also helps to maintain the balance in our ecosystem.

The existence of an animal must not be either extinct or overpopulated. For example, if big bucks overpopulated the woods, the existence of extinct animals will be harmed. Resources around the animals such as food, water and shelter would start to become scarce, too. There are some organizations around the world that encourage hunting. If you are a professional hunter, you probably know where the legal places to hunt and how to hunt effectively. On the other hand, if you are a novice hunter, there are lots of things that may seem new to you such as proper clothing, stalking, and cover scent.

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In this article, you will learn some helpful and proven tips on pursuing and hunting ducks.

Tip #1: Stay Hidden By Camouflage

Duck hunting involves a lot of water so you should hide your boat by camouflaging it. There are many ways on how to camouflage a duck boat such as using a stencil, repainting, and using camouflage cords with raw vegetables.

Tip #2: Don’t Get Too Early

Ducks are more active early in the morning so wait for the perfect time. They usually rest late in the morning at about 10 am so this is a better opportunity to hunt them.

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Tip #3: Be More Patient

Patience is a virtue and you must possess it in hunting. Ducks often traveled by packs so more chance for you to take home a bunch of ducks, but there is also a high chance of scaring away the ducks. So, you should be patient in pursuing your target, wait and make some observations. Check when it the time that they are the weakest so you can attack them.

Tip #4: Make a Plan

This is where many hunters fail. By planning you can be more precise in your hunt. You should consider the terrain you are going to, the weather forecast, and the direction of the wind. You should go and survey the area first and plan where you can set up your bait and decoy.

Tip #5: Go with a Dog

Going with a retriever is a great idea as they are a good companion for hunting. Make sure to prepare them and practice them well before going to hunt. Many hunters succeeded because of their dogs. They are indeed man’s best friend.

Tip #6: Keep Your Gears on the Go

Never forget to check your gears; you might take them for granted after the last year’s hunting season. To prevent buying new gears every year, keep them in a nice storage and check for maintenance tools so they will be handy when you are about to use them. A week before you go on hunting, you should check if your gears are still functioning and if you need some additions such as duck decoys.

Tip #7: Position Your Decoy Properly

Always check the wind direction and the area you are setting up the decoy. You should position the decoy properly. Otherwise, it would be useless. Some hunters use the “J” pattern and some use the “U” pattern, but always remember that this depends on the direction of the wind.

Tip #8: Make Your Target Blind

Aside from camouflaging, you should keep your gears away from the target’s line of sight. Ducks have a sensitive sense of sight so be careful in engaging them or you will lose your target. Make sure that you check anything “unusual” in their sight such as your hunting gun as it may reflect the light of the sun. Keeping your target blind gives you an edge.