Top Tips in Hunting Bass Fish

Fishing in a lake or in an open water like an ocean is a great pastime for individual or even for a family. Prior of attempting to go fishing, it’s important to know several things to achieve success. It doesn’t necessarily mean being a perfect fisherman, but rather being well-educated about fishing. All you have to do is to be knowledgeable on where to hunt for particular type of fish and the type of lure of bait to use. Being armed with the right fishing knowledge, you can expect catching fish successfully.

Bass fishing is one of the most common activity that fishers and even hobbyists love to do. But, it’s also challenging particularly if you don’t have knowledge in hunting bass fish. With this it makes sense knowing some tips that can help you succeed.

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Here are sure fire tips for successful bass fish hunt:

1. Choose the water

Definitely, identifying the part of the water where the bass fish is lurking is the first thing to do. Keep in mind that bass is a territorial fish and it doesn’t move that much. This means that it’s not that difficult to catch them. Bass is a type of fish that sticks to its habit. That’s why you’ll notice that they swim the same routes. They also follow hypothetical migration route, making sure that deep water is accessible from the shallows.

2. Use the right bait

To ensure that you can hunt a bass fish successfully, you should consider using or presenting a bait that looks like the one that they eat regularly. You can use bait that has earth-toned colors such as greens, browns and black. Some baitfish that you can use include mosquito fish, bluegills, perch and shiners. Present your baits on the proper sites. Big bass can easily hide on places where you can’t easily cast them effectively. Knowing the right technique of casting the bait is then important. It’s very easy to hunt bass in places that are avoided by many anglers. You can also make several cast from different angles.


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3. Make the appropriate approach

Catching a big bass successfully and consistently requires appropriate approach. If they are alarmed by unnatural presence, you should expect that they will be spooked. When hunting a bass fish make sure to avoid unnecessary noise. Avoid dropping or banging things in your boat. Likewise, you should also avoid fishing following the direction of the current and avoid casting a shadow. If you plan to be out of the water, make sure to wear neutral colors like beige, gray, tan or khaki and avoid bright colors. It’s because bright color will spook them .

4. Choose your tackle

When hunting bass fish, it’s important to use high quality reels and rods. The tackle serves as your direct link towards the fish that you hunt. If you want to increase the odds of catching big bass, then you should consider using terminal tackle.

5. Setting up the spots

When hunting bass fish, it’s essential to consider the proper set up of your spots, too, so that you can obtain better penetration of your casts. Make sure that it isn’t obvious so that others won’t target that spot. You can also tie thickets and branches where you can hide the skip casts. Proper setting of spots seems time-consuming, but it put the odds to your advantage.

Hunting a bass fish requires hunting mentality. Aside from those ideas cited above, mental preparation can also help in hunting bass fish successfully. It’s essential to have focus with the surroundings while fishing. No matter how effective your bait is, if you don’t have focus on what you’re doing and to anything around you, it would be useless. As much as possible, you should know how to identify clues that will lead you to location of the bass. This include movement of the baitfish, the swirls of water and the surface commotion.

It is easier to detect the location of the fish if you have focus on your surroundings along with the proper approach. If you’re following a game plan, you shouldn’t get rattled in case your pattern doesn’t work. Hunting a bass fish requires a lot of patience and confidence as these are paramount to success. This means that you should implement fishing techniques that you have tried for many times.