Top Baits When Going Fishing

There are a lot of outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy this summer season. One of which is fishing. Fishing is a favorite outdoor activity that both children and adults can try. Spend more time with your loved ones, and make sure to have as many catch as you can.

To ensure a number of good catch when going fishing, it is helpful to be equipped with the right knowledge on what baits are best to use. The type of baits that are used in fishing depends on which body of water you are going to fish. In this article, we present the best baits to use in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

fishing baits


1. Rapala DT Crankbait

It helps best to lure fish especially during high winds which makes fishing difficult as it drives away the fish from the bait. According to Greg Vinson, a consistent angler at Lake St. Clair, rapala DT crankbait is one of the best baits to use when fishing for bass. Lake St. Clair is a famous lake for bass fishing that lies between the US and Canada.

2. Lunkerhunt Bento Bait

It is made of clear plastic material. Most people consider this as the closest to reality or the best imitators. For this reason, this certain type of bait is widely popular and most coveted in the market.

Although some people are convinced that this is one of the best baits there is, there are also people who contest to this notion, stating that it is only effective in clear water but not in muddy water.

3. Rapala Ultra Light Crank

If you are looking for baits that can sink deep for up to 8 feet, then this rapala ultra light crank is the best option for you. This is a typical bait with a classic body that works really well with bass.

This is helpful in fishing for Smallmouth Rivers and other types of fishes that resides at the bottom of the water. The downside of this bait is its hook size. The hook might not hold still if largemouths are to take the bait.

4. Minnow

This bait is also known as the “pinkeens” in Ireland. It usually refers to the freshwater fish usually used as fishing bait. It can be bought in many bait shop but most anglers prefer to catch and make their own.  The readily-available minnow is designed with flared gills and an arched back. It creates vibrations and wobbles underwater unlike other types of bait. It is believed that because of the bait’s erratic actions, it catches other fishes’ attention.


1. Crabs

The shell and peeler of the crabs are good bait especially when you go fishing in saltwater. You can use part of it or use the whole crab as bait.

The man demonstrates how to hook a crab as fishing bait.

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2. Fish

Fish, particularly the small ones, can also be used to lure other fish. This fish is also known as the bait fish. It is used to attract bigger predatory fish and lure them closer to the bait. Anchovies, mackerel scads, and halfbeaks are just few of the many fishes used as baits in saltwater fishing.

3. Clams and Mussels

If you are living in an area where clams ad mussels are abundant, then you can use them as baits to catch edible fish. Make sure that the clams and mussels used as baits are fresh and have just been taken out from the shell.

4. Squid

Aside from fish, clams, and crabs, you can also use squid as bait. You cut a portion of it or use the whole squid instead. It is all up to you; however, it is recommended to make use of the smallest piece of bait. This is because bigger baits allow the fish to nibble and take the bait of the hook. The closer the bait is to the hook, the more difficult it is for the fish to nibble it out.

5. Shrimp

If fish and squids do not work as you have expected, you can also use shrimp as bait instead. The shrimp is actually one of the favorites of saltwater fish. You can use it while fishing on a boat, bank, or bridge.