Tips in Shooting While in Harsh Weather

Harsh weather is one of the worst enemies of hunters. When the weather gets a little bit too strong, your vision is easily impaired and shooting won’t be easy. Not everyday is a spring day wherein the skies are clear and the wind is cool. With the weather being very unpredictable, it is extremely important for hunters to know the different techniques of shooting animals in harsh weather.

Hunting Under the Harsh Sun

There are two things that can impair your vision during an extremely hot day– the sunlight itself and your sweat. If the sun is too strong, it can actually be blinding. Now, what if you are stuck in a position where the sun is directly hitting your eyes (this is very likely to happen especially if a hunter finds the best spot to shoot his target)? No matter how nice your spot is, you won’t be able to shoot properly with the sun in your face. The best solution is to buy a hunter’s visor. A visor is sort of like a cap with the top sliced off. It is often used by people who go under the sun a lot. It helps block the sun rays from directly hitting the eyes.

As for your sweat, it is important to always bring along a towel that you can sling over your shoulder. This will allow you to wipe the sweat off your eyes, so that you can aim properly.

Hunting in the Rain

When it rains, it pours. When it pours, you won’t be able to see so far away. One of the most widely used hunting tactics is long ranged shooting which is ideal for hunting animals that get scared easily. However, if it rains, how are you going to see very far? Things won’t be hard if it’s just a light rain but what if it’s a heavy one? Not only will you have a hard time spotting animals, but the rain will get in your eyes too. In order to prevent the rain from getting into your eyes, buy yourself a waterproof hunting jacket with a hood. You can probably use your visor in rainy days too.

The big question now is how are you going to hunt your game? One thing to remember is that when it rains hard, most animals will seek refuge indoors (like a cave or within the forest). Before hunting, you must research about where your target animal resides (for example, wolves like to live in caves). When it does rain and they start hiding, you can wait at the entrance of their homes and ambush them when they get out. I suggest that you don’t go for long range in this case. Go a little bit nearer so that your aim will be more precise.

Deer in Water


Hunting in Snow

The problem with hunting in the snow is the fact that you won’t be able to stand straight while walking on the soft snow. This will obviously affect your aim and how you shoot. The technique here is to try to stick to one place only when you have already spotted your target. Once you’ve found a good spot, take some time to adjust your aim so that once you shoot, you’ll get the target right away. Moving around forces you to always adjust your gun carrying position. Try to use a sniper as this gun doesn’t require you to move around that much.

Always remember that snow may also impair your aim. The best way to remedy this problem is to buy winter glasses or winter goggles. A lot of hunters do this, so that their vision won’t be affected by the weather and they can shoot properly.

Shooting in Winter


Shooting definitely won’t be easy in the cold weather. However, it is possible to use the harsh weather to your advantage when forcing your target out into the open. You just have to know how to handle your gun properly against mother nature. You must also know what to do, so that your aim will never be compromised.