The Right way for scent dispersing

Animals are known to have sharp smelling senses. There are some animals that can track down their prey miles away, while some of them are known to easily recognize people who are near right away. It is then crucial to know how to disperse your scent properly so as to avoid the scrutiny of an animal’s nose.

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If dispersing your scent is done properly, you will be able to hunt down animals without trouble at all – to the point where they will never notice you. There are some special products that you can use in order to perfectly disperse your scent, and even mask it with a scent that’s similar to your target animal’s kind. Here are some tips to effectively using these products:

Time your Usage

First of all, you need to use the right scent product. There are some that might purchase some urine on a cheap store, but it won’t actually help you out right away, despite of the fact that it’s in-demand. Some apply the products way early. However, this is very wrong since these animals consider patience when mating as well. That’s why you should do so as well. Time your usage by using the attractants late-October, or during November.

Note Products to Use

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When hunting your target animal, you need to make sure that the following products are in use. You can choose one or all of these products as they have their own advantages.

  • Urine – The urine is actually a very nice product for you to purchase as it’s cheap and very easy to use. However, it’s not actually recommended throughout the hunting season. It’s only effective to use during the earlier weeks of October. Once the animal tracks this, they will feel reassured that they are safe on the area you spread it on. Other than femal urine, a good quality male urine can be used in order to make them feel competitive and focused on that very act.
  • Estrous – These products are super-effective whenever you want to use it on peak seasons. This puts the target in a better mood when locating females around your trail. It also gives them increased activity on your target area. Once you use it further for at least three to two days, you’ll find them coming back to the same area.
  • Tarsal Gland – it’s the best product for increasing the male’s sex drive.I It’s a very effective product that might come as pricey, but actually worth it. All you have to do is to drip the product on the target’s trail so then they will return to it every now and then. This will surely make them distracted enough for you to hunt it down.

Place scent in the right position

Never allow the scent to be placed on a tree since most animals will not be able to climb to reach it. In fact, looking for a higher spot to set up the scent will only put to you on a disadvantage; you can place it four feet from the ground instead.

Use wicks and/or drags

Wicks are very effective since these won’t contaminate the substance that you’re using, and they also help you activate the scent easily. Drags are perfect to place on your desired scent as it also helps you cover your own scent better than the drag.

Utilize scents at the minimum

Another useful tip that you need to remember is to use scents minimally since using a lot of them will just become ridiculous to the point where the animal will notice that it’s a set up. Put four wicks on a wide radius in order to effectively attract animals, and be sure to set them up far away from each other. Place it adjacently to your range as well in order to provide more accuracy when shooting down.

Once you follow these very important tips, there’s a higher chance that the target animal will come running down towards their inevitable capture. All you have to do is to learn how to accurately aim and trap your desired animal.