Switching from Compound to Traditional Bows

Lately, there are lots of people that are starting to switch from the compound bows, and are transitioning to the traditional types. Compound bows attract hunters with its modern design, along with the various features and mechanisms that it possesses. However, some people noticed that compound bows actually have their disadvantages which can limit you from your desired angle and the some other methods of shooting. It’s also more complicated and is heavier to use. This very fact resulted to some expert hunters discovering that the classic stick and string bows are still the best types that people can ever use when hunting.

If you were a compound bow user back then, and you want to switch back to the classic type of bow, then all you have to follow are some important tips in order to make a good transition. Here are the following tips to consider when switching back to the classic model of bows:

Learning the Stance

The first thing that you need to remember switching is the stance. Note that the usage of traditional bow is way different when using a compound bow, affecting the stance needed to use the tool. Stand with your feet about shoulder width away, and angle your shoulders a bit away from your target. Bend knees slightly to provide better balance. As for gripping, it’s almost the same with compound bow usage. Just rest it against the bone on the web of your hand while the fingers are relaxed.

When drawing the bow, use one finger over the arrow, and use two fingers under the arrow in order to draw well. Once you plan on drawing, spot the target and look at it very well. Level the bow on your bent knees and raise it. Once the arrow starts pointing at your desired target, then it’s time to shoot it. However, it doesn’t end to that because you need to find the right anchor point to provide consistency, thus making you more precise. Place the middle finger’s tip for this purpose.

Before releasing, be sure to cant the bow so then it will help you see and shoot well upon releasing; thus, providing a more accurate way to hit your target. If you feel uncomfortable at first, don’t worry as it will be an instinct for you once you consider enough practice. Once you’re well anchored towards your target, and you’ve also done the right way of canting, then simply release the string in order to shoot. Lastly, never think about hitting the target as it will break your focus; just focus on the fact that you will shoot upon releasing.

Making Adjustments

Since traditional bows are way different than compound ones, you need to learn a different way of adjusting it. For you to make adjustments, you need to identify the bow first. You will notice is the brace height of the classic bow. This is the distance from the string towards the back part of the grip. These can be adjusted by twisting the string or by doing its reverse so then you can find your comfortable mode of usage.

Tuning your arrows needs you to have the right dynamic spine so you will be able to use it well with the classic model of bow. This means that the bow and arrow must have the right amount of point length and weight altogether so then you will be able to adjust your strength, angle and distance when shooting – which is important during straight shots. All it needs is experimenting the bow by testing and tuning it for you to find the correct setting that goes with your preferences. In this way, you will be able to easily shoot arrows in the future while never getting frustrated when using this type of bow.

Practicing more

For you to finally adjust to the traditional type of bow, be sure to practice. We mean a LOT of practice since you will be making a lot of adjustments in order to finally master the art of its usage. Practice will yield better angling and performance when you’re on real hunting ground.

If you’re quite frustrated about using it already, seek tips online or look for someone who’s well-versed in using the bow. In time, you will notice that you’re improving right away, and you will be able to effectively shoot your target animal with it. Lastly, all you have to do is to have fun just like playing while on the field for you to never feel the frustration as you learn.

Featured image credit: http://www.tristatefoodnotlawns.org/how-to-get-the-benefits-with-the-compound-bow/