Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot Review

Do you want to go hunting? And you want a pair of nice shoes for it. Or maybe your friends are forcing you to go out on hunting. Isn’t it too uncomfortable without a pair of nice shoes? It may not be economic to buy a pair of costly and comfortable hunting boots but it is sure to answer your many questions while you are not ready for a proper hunting experience. So what can you find as the ultimate solution to your problem or what is the optimum way to clear this hunting problem?

Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT hunting boot from Rocky can be the best way to clear all your confusion and problems and can give you a hunting experience like never before. You must be thinking that buying such a costly thing is not preferable and compatible for you and many more questions like this would have jumped into your mind. Reading this review will help you to take this decision wisely. This pair comes with a lot of amazing relaxing features and has so many benefits, which will tempt you to buy one for yourself.

Product Features

1. Waterproof

The waterproof feature of these boots gives good advantage of hunting in moisty weather or in tropical rainforests. It also gives protection against excess sweat which sometimes results in sore feet so it is guaranteed to keep you dry.

2. Ease of Use

This product is very easy to use. The thing you have to do is just simply tie your shoe-lashes tightly and it is ready for use. However, superior the product is if you can use it instantly every time you want to use. This product is free from this drawback. It has no heel slippage and is lightweight. These are the warmest boot around and of good quality too. We can say that these boots perform flawlessly in every aspect. Also, it can withstand various temperature ranges. It rather is a sprinter Orleans following season or a normal economic climate.

3. Quality

This men’s Bearclaw hunting boots approves the utmost ranking if it is made up of a very high quality. Customer usually intends to purchase the product which last long and with a good life. And Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot has them all, for SUPER-TOUGH and adventure filled hunting experience.

4. Light in Weight and Highly Durable

It is a broadhead, lightweight and durable boots that uses a unique material. But what’s make it different is its rubber outsole. They actually have an aryl therm aerogel insulation which is used for the protection against cold and will keep your feet warm. No one can question the quality of these bearclaw hunting boots.

Pros & Cons


  • A complete care: The boots not only comprise the comforting rubber sole part but also includes the waterproof and safety features when the product is in use. And it ensures that you are totally comfortable and safe during the use.
  • Comfortably fit your feet: Ensuring a good fit is one of the major part of the boot-selection process. Cushioning is an important part of every foot-wear product. Minimalist boots are generally lacking the amount of cushioning. Cushioning is more comfortable for the soles of your feet and it gives tranquil to your wilderness.
  • Tread like a king: Whether you are planning a serious wilderness expedition or just a walk around the city, Rocky is all-rounder footwear.Rocky’s own BearClaw3D outsole that has a multi-directional and self-cleaning design to make you be able to give you the best grip whether you happen to be on a sloppy surface or on an uneven surface of dense forest.
  • Tough Exterior: Durable and strong material of these hiking boots make them very much different from rest of the footwear products. No matter where you decide to wear them, Rocky boots will always brag up their ruggedness and cheer up your day with the level of comfort that you will experience.


  • Heavy weight: Excessive weigh on your feet is costly. The first and biggest disadvantage while choosing a hunting boots is their weight. Having a thicker sole, a stiff midsole and a taller upper around your ankles means there is more rubber and fabric.
  • Stiffness: Hunting boots are stiff in both upper area and in the cushioning. It is by design and helps you with your heavy backpacks. Stiffness can cause tremendous amount of pressure on pad of your forefoot, which no one ever wants.
  • Ankle support is misconception: If you are searching for a pair of good hiking boots, then you will surely look for boots that offer you lots of ankle support. But ankle support is a myth. Many of the hiker have the fear of ankle injuries and but even the costliest boots will not save up your ankle if they are weak.
  • Blisters are sure: Hunting boots are warmer than and not as breathable as they are made for rough conditions unlike normal boots. This will lead to all day sweating which cause painful aches and vulnerable blisters.


After reading much about Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot, I hope decision of purchasing a pair should be positive. If you are an enthusiastic hiker, a pair of these boots can be indispensable part of your wardrobe. Although hunting boots offer pretty much when style is counted upon, a tall, waterproof hunting boot can be an excellent deal if you are searching for the most comfortable and supportive option. Inspite of few negative reasons and the bad side of the product, there are more reasons to buy these boots than not too. It comes up with supreme quality in affordable price.