How to Increase Spot-and-Stalk Strategy Effectiveness

Stalking is one of the most popular and effective ways to chase a target. Right from the start, when you see a target and follow it invisibly, that is what we call stalking.

Spot-and-stalk strategy is a very effective technique for most hunters, but not to the novice. This strategy needs discreet movements, patience and persistence. You should spot a target first and study how to attack it by stalking. Most novice hunters and even some experts who try this sometimes miss their target due to ineffective spot-and-stalk strategy.

hunting a deer

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Spot-and-stalk strategy can be used with different hunting animals such as antelopes, deer and big bucks, big black bears and many more wild animals. However, there are some tricks that you can perform to all of them.

Trick #1: Be in Right Place at the Right Time

Spot-and-stalk can be very effective if you are on the right place at the right time. There are many places to go to when hunting. Checking the season is also important in hunting. You should study when the perfect time to pursue a specific target is.

Animals need food and water to survive so look for these resources. You can spot your target easily in places where food and water is abundant. Stay there for a while and you will surely spot at least one target.

Trick #2: Wear the Right Gear

Spot-and stalk strategy can be long and tiring. Many hunters don’t succeed because of improper clothing and gear. If you will pursue a target using this strategy, you should be fully equipped and ready.

Wear a comfortable lightweight and durable footwear in the woods. Imagine if you are wearing bulky shoes and you step into a twig. This might create an unpleasant sound and will alarm your target almost immediately. You might also find it troublesome to move sneakily. If you prefer, you can always go hunting on foot.

Aside from footwear, your clothing should also be made from a lightweight material that will not produce much noise. Plastic clothing should be avoided. Make sure that you wear a comfortable wear so you can move faster during the hunt.

Lastly, you should wear a cover scent as most of the hunting animals have sensitive smell. If you are not careful, the breeze of the air might even bring your smell closer to the target.

Trick #3:  Practice the Art of Invisibility

You must be invisible so you won’t scare your target away. Most hunters are good at spot-and-stalk because they go invisible by hiding and covering their scent. Animals have high sense of smell and sight. Some hunters wear camouflage clothing and also paint their face so they will stay invisible to the target.

Another way to stay invisible is to climb up high trees or cover up behind big bushes and hills. In places like these, you can have a wider view of the hunting ground.

invisible hunter

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 Trick #4:  Stalk the Target

 When you spot your target, be prepared in following its trail and never lose it. This is the most important part of the strategy so you have to be very careful and patient. Wait for the perfect time to attack them. One of the most suitable time to attack is when they feed because they are focused on eating. Just make sure to keep your place and be steady. It’s better if you are in a low or high place so that you can have a clear view of the target.

Trick #5: Aim for the Gold

In spot-and-stalk strategy, your set up is important. Have a place where you can aim for the gold. Attack your target when they are unguarded, for example when they are feeding or taking a rest. When shooting, you can aim for their weakest spots such as leg or neck. Make sure to stay invisible and keep your place hidden from your target.