How to use food scents for luring animals

Aside from their potential mates, one thing that will surely attract an animal is food. Food is a basic need for survival. Hunters can use this edge to their advantage. They can use it as a bait to lure animals towards them. Aside from using real food, there are other alternatives you can use to get the animals to come to a desired place—food scents.

Some food products are not that effective anymore since animals tend to get wiser upon spotting a piece of meat – which is something that they don’t obviously see in the wild. On the other hand, using scents is said to be more effective as it gives them the illusion that food is near, and animals tend to use it in order to track down their favorite meal.

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If you plan on using food scents, learn to consider some valuable tips first before following the instructions in lacing it around your target area. Here are the following tips that you should remember:

Follow the Wind

The food scents get flown away by the wind. It’s a very huge factor that can give you a huge advantage, if you know how to use it well. To effectively use the wind, take note of the wind’s direction first—whether you’re on the low grounds or on a place filled with trees. Learn to check the direction of your target animal as well for you to identify if it’s the right time to use the scent to lure your animals down.

Learn What they Favor

Animals have their specific favorites when choosing food in the wild, and that’s one of the reasons why some manufacturers made some food scent products based on those selections. There are lots of them in the market, but what you need to learn are the right types of food that your specific target likes to eat.

Use Drag Lines

Drag lines are one of the most effective ways in luring animals towards you. Drag lines or rags are known to be used in order to provide curiosity for an animal, and is also widely used for animals that are mating. To use them, simply soak the cloth into your luring scent, and set it on the spot where the animal enters, leading towards your standby position. Set it effectively by soaking your rag first in standby phase, and place it at 100 yards away from your location. If you need to switch positions after several minutes, resoak the rag and do the same steps.

Also, before you proceed, learn how to remove your scents effectively in order to provide 100% effectiveness using this method since drag rags tend to have their scent lost once the animal starts to walk further towards your location.

Use Scent Wicks

Wicks are also widely favored nowadays by a lot of hunters as it has more accuracy without having the risk of making the scent weaker as they go towards you. These come in bombs and wafers as well, and these tend to spread throughout the air through the means of saturation.

To use this properly with your food scent, go to the location where you will be standing by. Put at least four to five wicks around your location, and place them on a wide radius. Let the food scent spread throughout the area for it to be attractive and more natural for your target animal. Once the next day arrives, you can put in one or two more wicks.

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With these tips, along with your desired food scent, there’s high possibility that your target animal will inevitably come towards you, and will be ready for capture. Food will always attractive for your target no matter what month it may be, and no matter what weather it is in your target location right now. Hence, it will be to your advantage if you study how to use it.