How to Trap Your Target

Trapping your target is one of the methods that hunters use when hunting. This may be a little difficult as compared to using a riffle or a bow, but it is nevertheless useful, especially in situations wherein weapons are not available.

When you are out hunting, you cannot avoid unfortunate instances wherein you run out of ammunition to use for your riffle or you find yourself with a broken bow. Learning a few tricks on how to trap animals might do you good.  You have probably seen on TV how hunters do their traps, but you can never guarantee its effectiveness once you try it yourself.

Below are some ideas to help you successfully trap your target when you are out hunting in the wild.

The Food Trap

This is by far one of the most common traps used in hunting. Using food to lure and eventually trap your target is quite easy. Just look for the perfect spot to set up your trap, and start placing food around the area. The trick is not to hunt immediately after you place the food. The target may sometimes be a little apprehensive about the food randomly left out on the area. Let them come back for more and be comfortable with the place first before you release your trap.

The Drop Net

Drop net trap for deer

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Using nets are not just for fishing, it can also be used in hunting. Choose a suitable net for the type of target that you have in mind. If you are aiming for large animals, a bigger and tougher net is the best to use. Clear your site from any debris and twigs. Lay your net on the ground before you connect each corner to the post. Make sure that the corners are attached tightly on the four posts. Choose at least four 8 feet posts so that it can accommodate bigger targets, or if there are trees nearby, you can make use of those.

The trick in using drop net as a trap is to ensure that the four corners are evenly tightened even after it drops. To ensure this, you can use some knot blasting caps in the rope. Electric blasting caps allow you to run the leads from one cap to another, making it easier to release the trap with a single source.

The Snare Trap

Snare Trap

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If you are good with ropes and knots, making a snare trap would be much easier for you. The basic things you need are wires or ropes, bait, sticks, rock, knife for carving, and a tree where you can connect your trap. Using snares to trap your target brings you a lot of advantages. Some of which are as follows:

  • Easy to set up- Setting a snare trap is easier as compared to the other traps out there. You just have to know the basics of trapping then you can already figure out the rest. Because it is quite easy to set up, it only requires a short time to finish the trap.
  • Low cost- Most of the things you will need in setting up a snare trap is available at home. If you want a ready-made one, you can also get it for a low price. Plus, you do not have to worry about thieves taking interest in your trap.
  • Suitable for all weather- The snare trap is something you can use regardless of the weather. Rain, storm, or snow, will not stop you from making one. You just have to adjust it a little bit to fit the weather.

Mastering the skill of trapping is a good edge when you go hunting. It does not only help you in times of hunting emergencies, but it also enhances your survival skills in general. Remember that the type of trap to use depends on the kind of target you want to trap. If you are aiming for a small target, a snare trap will do, but if are aiming for a larger target, you can use the drop net or other traps that you deem helpful.