How To Make Broadhead Arrows

Bow hunting does not only bring satisfaction to hunters but also it is one way of surviving when you are far away from civilization. Aside from the knowing the best shooting strategies, having the sharpest arrows contributes to a perfect hunt. Broad head arrows are one of the best arrows used in hunting. Its shape makes a big impact when it pierced through the prey’s body and it propels the arrow to move forward.

Retractable Broadhead Arrow

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However, like any other advance archery equipment, broad head arrows are very much expensive. They actually cost more then a piece of teaspoon. If you want, you can make your own broadhead arrow. In that way, you can save money and experience the fun of making one, just like the hunters in the olden days. Before making your own arrow though, it is important that you know what are different things to consider.

First, it must be heavyWhen taking aims, arrows that are heavier can pierce through animals more effectively. That is why broadhead arrows are often use in big hunts like bear and buck hunts. Hence, be sure to weigh in your arrow when you make one.

Second, choose your preferred type of broadhead arrowThere are two types of broadhead arrows that are often used in hunting. We have the retractable broad head arrows and the classic one with the two sides of the arrows have very sharp edges. These types allows you to hunt effectively as long as you know the basics of hunting and stalking and the prey that you want to catch.

classic broadhead Arrow

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Third, you need to choose and gather the appropriate materials. You need a 16 gauge carbon steel (around 1″ x 2″ inches); C clamp to hold your arrowhead when scribing or drilling; Hemp Rope; Fletched Arrow Shaft and Metal Cutting Tool to cut the arrowhead after scribing them out of the carbon steel and; a nail or a scribe to scribe out your arrowhead from the carbon steel. After gathering the materials you can start working with your arrowhead.

Step 1

Scribe out your arrowhead using a scribe or a nail. You can choose on the dimensions of the arrowhead on how long you want it to be. Many hunters would prefer using a broadhead headgear with the dimension of around 1inch by 1 inch but still, it would depend on how you want your arrow would look like. After scribing it, Cut the the edges of both sides using a metal cutter. Please be careful in using a metal cutter to avoid getting hurt.

Step 2

After cutting the arrowhead, you get the C-clamp or vise to clamp the arrowhead in order for you to file out the sides. Then get a bastard file to shape and sharpen it.

Step 3

After filing the edges, cut the scrap end of the arrowhead and continue to file it and sharpen it out to make it look like a arrowhead. For hunters, at this point, it is very important that you harden it out to create a better impact when hunting.

Step 4

Lashing is the act of tying your arrowhead to an old arrow shaft. If you have broken arrow shafts, you can use them again. First, you need to cut a notch on your arrow shaft then tie it around your arrowhead. Make sure that it is tied very tightly.

Step 5

After lashing, you can now test your arrow. This is to make sure that it is perfectly tied and sharp enough to injure your prey. For hunters, when you test the arrowhead, make sure to check if its attached tightly. Make sure that the arrowhead is sharp and strong enough. Try to test shooting it over a tree bark. In that way you can determine how strong the arrowhead that you have fabricated.

Making your own broadhead arrow can be really challenging considering that there are things that you need to consider. It is also important that you are very meticulous in making it so that you can have a homeade broadhead arrow as your extra set of arrows during your hunts.