Bog’s Men Bowman Hunting Boots Review

Is the weather outside beautiful? And you are considering going out for hunting? And a mind crosses your head of your old hunting shoes, which are of no use to you anymore? It’s easier done than said because now you can replace your old ruthless shoes with a new Bog’s Men Bowman hunting boots with minimum efforts and continue your rage of hunting.

Bog’s Men Bowman Hunting Boots can be the answer to all your problems. The thought may linger in your head whether it is a good idea to buy these boots or not?  Reading this review may help you to come to a strategic decision for yourself. After knowing all the amazing features and benefits of the boots, you won’t be able to keep your hands off these amazing hunting boots.

Product Features

1. Light in Weight

Bog’s men bowman hunting boots are one of its own kinds. Taking care of the needs of the hunters these boots are such designed that they are light in weight. As the main component used here is rubber, it makes the boots lights. Even after more insulation than that of any other ordinary hunting shoes they are lighter than other hunting boots. So it is not hectic for a hunter to wear these during the time of their hunts.

2. Odour Free

The major complaint, which most of the people have with their boots is that of the bad odour. And when it comes to hunting boots this problem indeed becomes a major issue. But there’s absolutely nothing to worry as Bog’s men bowman shoes will not create bad odour even after hours of continuous wearing. This has been made possible due to the Scent Combat Biotechnology used, which does not leave any bad odour after wearing them. That gives you complete odour free feet after hours of hunting.

3. Durability

When you buy hunting shoes that are generally for a long period of time, and you generally don’t tend to replace them anytime soon. So, a question of durability pops up your head as you don’t wish to spend your money on something, which is not durable. But that is certainly not the problem with Bog’s men bowman boots as the material used to make this boot is quite durable, and that shall not cause you problem for years coming. So you don’t have to worry about your hunting boots anytime soon.

4. Comfortable

Bog’s men bowman hunting boots are so comfortable that they fit like a glove. They are easy to slip up and slip down. It is not tedious work to wear these boots. They are comfortable in all the seasons and conditions of hunting. They are made in such a manner that they can overcome any problem, which comes in your way during the time of hunting without causing you any discomfort.

5. Dry and Warm

The technology used to design this boot is unique. These boots keep your feet dry and warm at the same time. The 6mm of channel air neo-tech insulation provides warmth to the feet inside the boot. They also use max-wick lining with air mesh to keeps the moisture away and keep your feet dry. And also, Thermo molded EVA midsole keeps the feet warm. All of this technology used helps to keep the feet dry and warm.

6. Easy to Use

With the easy-on pull handles, it becomes very easy to wear these boots. They are easy to wear as well to carry in each and every condition as well as seasons. These boots are not like that of other hunting boots you don’t have to worry when you carry them they feel as light as air and gives you immense protection against all the problems of hunting.

Pros and Cons


  • Complete package: The bog’s men bowman hunting boot is a complete package in itself giving all the features a hunter needs.
  • Excellent insulation offered: It has better insulation than any other hunting boots still is lighter in weight than any of them. All the good things a hunter may need in his boots are present in these boots.
  • No experience of odour: And the major problem of odour is not faced in these boots that are probably the best thing about these boots.
  • Bearable to all weather types: They are such designed that they can survive any condition of hunting from rough weather to uneven terrain nothing can stop you when you have these boots on.
  • Fits the price perfectly: People are always suspicious about the price they are paying for the commodity. Well, that would not be the case here in the Bog’s men bowman hunting boots. The money you pay every single penny you pay is of worth as it gives you astonishing features, which are everything you need.


  • Beware of leakage: Some problems of leakage are faced by some people during the time of snow and wet weather. But that can be prevented by taking the various measure of wearing proper accessories, which are needed when you wear the boots.


After reading all the features benefits and disadvantages of the Bog’s Men Bowman Hunting Boots, the answer towards whether to buy these boots or not should be yes. Just as all coins have two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages of everything. Here the advantages are far more than that of the disadvantages, which give a strong reason to buy these boots. It comes with each and every feature a hunter may need. It can turn into an asset, which you will cherish all your hunting life. What more to think of go get your bog’s men bowman hunting boots today and enjoy all the greatness it has to provide.