5 Shooting Rests That Make Things Easier

Do you just hate it when you’re out on the field, focus on an animal, point your gun to it, yet still miss your shot? Hunting definitely requires a lot of precision and accuracy. This is the reason why hunters and shooting enthusiasts alike work hard and practice to improve their skills. However, there are times when skills are not enough. Hunters need the right tools to aid them in improving their shot. One of these tools is a shooting rest which is very important in hunting. Shooting rests are also called shooting bags, rifle bags, field bags, sniper sock, and many more. The many names of this important tool can be quite confusing, but they essentially the same thing.

Advantages of Shooting Rests

Shooting Rest

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If you’ve noticed other hunters out on the field, you will notice that most of them have this stand or bag where their guns or rifles are all supported by. This support is the shooting rest. Basically, shooting rests help hunters in several ways. First, they take the impact of firing a rifle off your body. Shooting bags are made of various materials such as metal, cat litter, corncob pieces, and walnut. These materials all sound weird, but they are good at absorbing the shock from your gun. Second, shooting rests are designed to keep guns stationary and steady. Each shooting rest is engineered to have its own adjustable stand where the gun is held in place to shoot more consistently. Third, they also help in making shots more accurate and precise. Shooting rests help you be more comfortable which helps in improving your skills as a shooter.

Top 5 Shooting Rests

Shooting Bag

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There are different kinds of shooting rests that hunters use. In fact, most hunters don’t just stick to one. Various shooting rests can be used for various reasons. To help guide you in choosing the most suitable one for you, read on. We have got you covered.

Caldwell Lead Sled Classic

This is one of the most trusted brands of shooting accessories. Many shooters have been loyal to Caldwell’s Lead Sled because of its quality and reputation. It has been named the 2005 American Rifleman Magazine Accessory of the Year because of its ability to reduce 90% of gun recoils. This is definitely one of the top shooting bags in the market.

Bulls Bag

One of the most traditional shooting rests used is the classic sand bag. Before there were all these high-tech shooting rests, hunters used sand bags for absorbing the recoil of their guns. The Bulls Bag has come up with a 7 bag system based on the traditional sand bag. The 7 bag system has different uses for different shooting configurations which makes it suitable for different situations.

WieBad Shooting Bags

This brand was considered the most popular brand in 2014. In fact, one out of three shooters preferred the WieBad over any other type of shooting rest. This brand offers the widest selection of shooting rests than any other brand out there in the market. From simple rests to larger shooting bags, they have ensured that their products are lightweight and versatile. Whether you are looking for a bag to bring at the range or at a competition, WieBad Shooting Bags will not disappoint you. Its most popular products include WieBad Todd Tac-Pad and the WieBad Pump Pillow.

Str8 Laced Gun Gear Shooting Bags

Weighing only 6 ounces, this shooting bag was dominant in the 2014 PRS Championship. It is the second most popular brand, and many shooters consider it their favorite. Direct sales of this shooting bag have halted, but they are still selling through distributors. This is why they are so hard to find today.

Remington’s Allen Company ShotSaver Bench Rest

This is a standalone gun rest with a very simple design, but its functionality cannot be denied. It is suitable for practices and training at the range. It weighs 3.2 pounds which makes it very easy to bring around as well. Made of cast iron, this gun rest can be elevated up to 8 inches by the large. Though it is very simple, this gun rest gets the job done.